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Research & Development


Research & Development

The Beijer Electronics' Research and Development group is reinventing smart automation and data communication solutions every day. In everything we do, we are looking for those breakthrough product experiences that create intuitive hardware and software needs of our target industries — those include manufacturing, oil and gas, building automation, marine and water/wastewater market segments — virtually anywhere industrial communication, control and drive systems as well as visualization are needed. This is where you can make a difference.


What You'll Do

Our R&D professionals are always being challenged. As part of the Beijer R&D team, you'll explore how our customers interact with technology, what they love about it, and how to make off-the-wall ideas usable reality. Whether you're applying new materials, emerging technologies, or customer insights, your innovations will be what transforms the HMI capabilities of tomorrow.


What We Make Possible

WARP Engineering

WARP Engineering Studio - the software that lets you create integrated HMI, control, drives and data communication solutions. WARP Engineering Studio automatically configures all hardware, software and communication. 

WARP Engineering Studio 1.12 supports iX 2.40, the new BoX2 series products and BCS Tools version (3.03). WARP enables you to create integrated HMI, control, drives and data communication solutions. What used to take days to set up, can be up and running in a few minutes.

Click here to learn more about the WARP Engineering Studio.

Click here to download WARP 1.12 to try the software.

iX HMI software, version 2.4

With the release of iX 2.40, we now support the new BoX2 series products – a range of protocol converters, IoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity in different ways. At the same time, iX provides a range of new functions as well as overall improvements.

This is what's new in iX 2.40:

  • Support of BoX2 protocol converters, IoT gateways and edge controllers with smart functions such as diagnostics page, local data base storage, alarm servers, reporting, c# scripting, etc.
  • Improved conversion of Information Designer and E-Designer projects to iX.
  • New and improved Transfer Client with modernized user interface, a user-friendly transfer log and new functionalities.
  • Customization of Tag Visibility on OPC UA server enables users to configure which tags are exposed and visible on the server and thereby manage sensitive data.
  • Fast data logging on PC RT enables data logging interval down to 50ms on PC runtime versions.
  • Support for BACnet.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1 compatibility.
  • Internal software improvements.


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Workplace & Culture

2017_Beijer Whole Company & Dan-1288-Edit.jpg

Our company is built on the knowledge, experience and passion of our people.


At Beijer Electronics, we continually strive to create a work environment that is progressive, friendly and open to new ideas and processes. We believe in collaboration. We believe in education. We believe that a happy, healthy employee is essential to a happy and healthy company.

Experience & Outside the Box Thinking 

Because Beijer Electronics works with global industry leaders throughout the world, our customers rely on our expertise and innovation to be one step ahead of all the others.

We believe that developing and implementing leadership training to shape a change-oriented and forward-moving organization is important for both employee and company and we believe that this can be best achieved by dialogue and interaction.


We're Both Global & Local

Since 1981, Beijer Electronics Group has grown from being a localized technology enterprise in Sweden into a multinational group with operations in major markets worldwide. Our ambition is to be a flexible partner for our customers when they move into new markets, while providing the local support they need.



Perks & Benefits

At Beijer Electronics, we realize our employees are our greatest asset and we offer perks & benefits that differentiate Beijer Electronics from many other employers.

  • Medical/Dental/Vision & 401k

    Great medical, dental and vision benefits with employer contribution to HSA when elected. Employees are eligible the first day of the month after hire!

    All employees who are at least 18 years old are eligible for our 401k benefit with a company match available immediately.

  • Flexible Schedules

    Many of our departments operate on a 9-9s schedule. That means you get every other Friday off!

    Also, our managers understand the delicate balance between work and home. Therefore, "when life happens" we offer the flexibility to telecommute even if you have a traditional desk job.

  • Wellness

    All employees are given $150 towards the fitness tracker watch of their choice when hired. Our Social Wellness and Activities Team (or SWAT) creates fun competitions and activities monthly utilizing the trackers - you earn cool stuff along the way!

    Every month Beijer employees get together for company luncheons and various after work voluntary company-paid activities that foster camaraderie and an enjoyable work environment.

  • Time Off

    Beijer Electronics’ employees are given nine holidays and a minimum of 15 paid days off per year.

    Beijer is proud to offer 24 hours of Volunteer Time Off each year also.

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